awkward by Svetlana Chmakova

Competing with someone else doesn’t mean you are enemies…you might just be friends without knowing it.

Priscilla –awkward Ms Donbeck


Booked by Kwame Alexander

When your life is falling apart, and words are used to keep you down; how do you rise above and get your bike back from the bullies that beat you up, get back on the soccer pitch AND get the girl of your dreams.

DN  8/30

booked by kwame alexander

The Hotel Thief by: Wendelin Van Draanen

Book HookLooking for  a book?  You’ll get hooked! Sammy Keyes will take you on an adventure to hunt down the hotel thief.


Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

If you got in trouble, would you risk your life for a mission that could turn your life upside down?

Ernest – 7th Gd.  Ms. Abellera

Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick

Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick

If I perform at the dance, the Khmer Rouge won’t kill me….”

Ernest Gd. 7. Ms. Abellera

“Swear to Howdy” by Wendelin Van Draanen

Joey’s knows that Rusty won’t spill the beans.  He’s got his back – or does he? 

That was then, this is now by S.E. Hinton

“I had to make sure.” 

“Make sure of what?”

“Make sure I hated you.”